Ouray Stables - Happy Horses, Happy Riders, NATURALLY!
We are different from most boarding or training facilities.
We treat the horse like the natural animal he is.
We view your horse as the prey animal that he is. We use the horse's natural lifestyle and environment as a model for our care. We keep all of our horses in herd groups, with all-day turnout in constantly changing areas to encourage movement and natural social behavior. Even at night, they are kept stalled together to encourage a herd-like atmosphere. We want all of our horses as happy and healthy as possible, and care is carefully tailored to any special needs of our four-legged friends.
We treat your horse like we treat our own.
We use a natural, holistic approach to horsecare. All horses are barefoot, and there is no chemical use on either the horses or the facility; we do not feed any grains, in keeping with the horse's natural diet, and feed only grass hay. We use fecal tests, and support immune systems with Dynamite products. Each horse's special diet or healthcare needs are taken care of on a daily basis. We believe that only the best should be good enough for every horse.
"A horse doesn't care how much you know until you show how much you care..."
~Pat Parelli
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