Ouray Stables - Happy Horses, Happy Riders, NATURALLY!
We specialize in understanding horse behavior to develop horse/human partnerships.
  • To us, Saftey is number one.
  • All teaching starts with understanding Prey Animal Behavior.
  • We believe that people should start communication on the ground before riding.
  • Also, people need to learn to be great riders, learning to move with the horse beyond the basic "position".
  • We believe that real horse/human relationships do not rely on reins or ropes, but on communication and connection.
  • We offer weekly group and private lessons year-round.
  • Throughout the year we host Horsemanship clinics.

  • Training and sales previews for clients are also available.

Chris Cowherd, owner and manager, and Lindsey Cowherd, trainer and acupuncturist - are available to help you and your horse develop a better relationship!
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